Zweet Sport Creates Community in Every Hot Yoga Class

When you see any fitness studio with a perfect five-star score on Yelp, you know it has something special. At Zweet Sport, that something special is the staff. Whereas studios that are part of large chains are run like a business, Zweet Sport is more of a community gathering place helmed by Kimberly Landini and Marja Toan.

Practitioners praise them as well as their team, saying the co-owners go out of their way to greet guests (and remember their names), as do the teachers. They go above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable, from the warm welcome you receive before class to the cool lavender-scented towels handed out after hot yoga. Check out a classic hour-long Hot Yoga Flow class to challenge your body with a vigorous series of Vinyasas in a heated room. Or crush a workout in 30 minutes when you come to the Body Sculpt class, which incorporates all different exercises to build stronger bodies. Regardless of your workout preferences and needs, the team at Zweet Sport offers a class to suit them.