Nibble on Hot, Fresh Mini Doughnuts From Mama’s Donut Bites

What began as a side gig for a mother, son, and daughter has flourished into a full-time food truck called Mama's Donut Bites. When the trio first started serving up fresh mini doughnuts made to order, they did so on the weekends at farmers markets around the Arlington area. They quickly established such a solid fan base that the team decided to open up a bubblegum-pink food truck and offer the treats all week long.

Catch Mama's Donut Bites around Arlington Monday through Friday or at a local farmers market on Saturdays and Sundays if you're craving something light and sweet. Its mobile kitchen built its reputation on cinnamon-dusted apple cider doughnuts, which you can embellish with a drizzle of raspberry preserves or caramel sauce. Regulars also rave about the red velvet doughnuts, particularly when paired with a velvety cream cheese dip. Sometimes the truck dishes out Dutch dark chocolate doughnuts, a decadent dessert for cocoa lovers. Regardless of the type of doughnuts you order, the team crafts them all hot and to-order at Mama's Donut Bites.