Find House-Made Soups, Sandwiches and Paninis at Stageplate Bistro

After opening this past fall, Stageplate Bistro Arlington in Ballston is poised to hit its stride in 2018. Located on the first floor of the VT Research Center, Stageplate specializes in lunch offerings for people who don’t want to trade quality for convenience.

The menu features an array of house-made soups, sandwiches and panini, along with quality juices, teas, and coffee drinks. Customer favorites include the kale and arugula Caesar salad with chicken and couscous soup, as well as a panini sandwich the restaurant has dubbed “The Stretch” in the style of chicken saltimbocca. The dinner menu hews closer to the traditional meaning of the term “bistro,” aiming for top-tier execution of ordinary comfort foods. Daily menus include a salad course, followed by an entree with a choice of sides, and dessert to finish. Good news for families: this place is kid-friendly and has a special menu featuring nuggets, grilled cheese, and more for the little ones.