Drink In Fresh Air at the Georgetown Waterfront Park

Where concrete used to break off and tumble into the Potomac River the Georgetown Waterfront Park now showcases a thriving display of nature. The "bio-edge," as it's known, replaced an eroding retaining wall with a few layers of fertile soil and native plants from around the DC area. The greenery serves the same purpose, to keep the bank in place, but it's a much prettier and more eco-friendly solution.

Come and sit in the grass by the shoreline to enjoy your lunch at this beloved local park. In addition to the bio-edge, it also boasts a labyrinth that you can meander as you contemplate the meaning of life (or eat a snack) and rain gardens where rainwater collects and nourishes the earth instead of getting washed away down a storm drain.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Couleur