Celebrate Female Trailblazers at the National Museum of Women In the Arts

Picasso. Rembrandt. Monet. These male artists are household names, but what about their female counterparts? There's no lack of female-made masterpieces in the world, but these creative women are often underrepresented in museums. That's why the National Museum of Women In the Arts exists.

This museum only showcases works of art handcrafted by female artists. Its permanent collection plays host to more than 5,000 objects that represent all different genres of women-made art. In addition, the museum invites 10 female artists to anchor the lineup of rotating temporary exhibits every year. It even offers public programs to emphasize the importance of female artists and their works, and showcases some of these masterpieces via social media outlets. So if you're interested in learning more about the women who've made their mark on the art world, come to the National Museum of Women In the Arts.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Tasos_Lekkas