Hike the Woodsy Trails at Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt wasn't just the nation's 26th president, he was also an outdoorsman and a proponent of conservation efforts. So, when landscape architects set out to restore the long-ignored Mason's Island to its former glory in the 1930s, the former president made for an obvious muse. That's how Theodore Roosevelt Island was born.

Now, nearly 90 years later, the park is still in pristine condition. Go for a hike in the carefully designed forest, which architects created to look and feel as much like a naturally occurring forest as possible. The trails will lead you through wooded uplands, swampy bottomlands, and other organic greenspaces. Plan a guided walk with a ranger or embark on a freestyle hike with friends and family at Theodore Roosevelt Island the next time you have a free afternoon.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Tabor