Build Strong Muscles at Xtend Barre Arlington

Barre fitness classes have become pretty common these days, but Xtend Barre Arlington puts a new spin on this popular trend. You can certainly find regular barre classes here, but you’ll also have access to classes where instructors teach you how to use sticks, elastic bands, and other tools to heighten the challenge. You’ll also find classes that include dance elements, or classes that focus exclusively on muscle building and working up a sweat with cardio elements. 

Regulars say the instructors here are friendly and welcoming, and that the studio’s class calendar caters to many different schedules. Classes start as early as 5:45 am for early birds, and continue throughout the day and evening. Yelp reviewers also praise the facility itself: not only are the studios clean, airy, and bright, but you’ll have access to a full locker room with showers and changing areas.