Have You Sipped Saki at Rakumi Yet?

What can you say that Yelp reviewers haven’t already said about new Japanese spot Rakumi? It’s only been open for a few months, but has a solid five-star review from some folks that really know the Japanese food scene in town. Much of the staff at Rakumi is from Kotobuki, and unlike the set menu at their sister restaurant, Rakumi offers a more soulful, authentic Japanese experience. Many reviewers comment that this is the type of food they grew up eating in Japan with the excellent service to match. 

The menu consist of numerous elegant dishes, presented with dipping sauces, vegetable sides, and hot or cold options. Rakumi also has an extensive and impressive selection of saki to round out the immersive experience. The really hard part will be deciding with restaurant to visit, as Kotobuki and Rakumi are on two floors of the same building. I guess all you can do is try them both to decide. Rakumi is open for lunch from noon to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and closes before dinner service begins at 5 p.m.