See Your Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

This July 13-14, get ready to unleash your inner child at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House. That’s because the venue will be hosting the "Spoons, Toons, and Booze: Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons" event produced by Brooklyn’s SecretFormula. The event has already drawn huge crowds in New York, and has been profiled in national media outlets. Hosted by Michael Austin and Nell Casey, the screenings will be determined by the audience, chosen from a selection of hundreds of animated serials from the 1940s to today.

Complementing the cartoons will be a free all-you-can-eat cereal bar (with a variety of dairy and plant-based milks), in addition to the Drafthouse’s regular brunch fare, and a menu of specialty cereal shots and brunch cocktails just for the event. Doors open at 11:30, and the show starts at noon. Tickets are $15 and are available online.