Explore DC by Segway With City Segway Tours

Would you like to see Washington DC from a different perspective? If so, you need to check out City Segway Tours. This service provides excellent guidance exploring the city in safe and fun ways.

The company’s namesake is also one of its most interesting features. It offers multiple tours that travel by segway, which is a two-wheeled vehicle you stand on while it balances itself. Check out the two-hour Segway Experience Tour, which takes you around the city to the National Mall, White House, World War II Memorial, and plenty more. Alternately, you could focus exclusively on the Mall with the Monuments and Memorials Tour, which takes a deeper dive into the history and stories behind all the major landmarks. If Segways aren’t really your thing, try a bike or walking tour. The electric bike tours are particularly interesting, as they allow you to cover more ground in less time than any of the other offered modes of transportation. 

Most of the tours cost under $100 per person, making this an excellent value if you want to learn more about our city.