Cozy Ambiance Meets Comfort Food at Copperwood Tavern

For the freshest, tastiest foods that help boost your local economy and build community, farm-to-table restaurants serve a critical role, and Copperwood Tavern is no exception. Whether you opt for carryout or dine in their outdoor patio area, you can feel good about your decision to eat out tonight. Despite a convenient location, its rustic ambiance will lift you out of the city and into a woodsy warmth for the duration of your meal, leaving you with that warm and fuzzy feeling even after your dinner is complete. 

Copperwood Tavern insists it will become your “home away from home” and, between its cozy setting and its appealing menu, there’s little doubt that it will do just that. You can even bring your dog along to their outdoor dining facility, so the whole family will feel at home! Splurge on their famous Shenandoah Tomahawk for dinner or, if you’re stopping by Copperwood Tavern for brunch, check out their scotched egg or fried green tomato dishes. Be sure to order the oysters (chilled or grilled) for the full experience. 

However you choose to take in Copperwood Tavern, let yourself get comfortable—with locally-sourced dishes and a welcoming space, you’ll feel like a regular part of the Copperwood family in no time.