Experience an Authentic German Atmosphere at The Bronson Bierhall

Whether or not you speak German, the word “Bierhall” likely speaks for itself. And, whether or not you have your own connection to Germany, German culture, or German food, The Bronson Bierhall will undoubtedly appeal to you with its authentic food, beer, and atmosphere. 

The Bronson Bierhall calls itself “the real deal” and delivers just that with traditional German-American dishes. Unlike what a typical American bar tends to highlight, their menu includes options like bratwurst and sausages, pretzels with beer cheese and mustard, and, of course, a wide variety of beers brought in from Germany and local breweries alike. 

You’ll find standard bar fare like burgers and wings alongside more creative options from the other side of the Atlantic—like a sausage board, schnitzel fingers, or German potato salad. And, with dozens of beer choices as well as ciders, sours, and “concoctions,” you’ll never be without something to wash it down. 

One last thing to remember when you head to The Bronson Bierhall? “Ich liebe Bier,” or, “I love beer.” Paired with the essential ordering phrases they share on their website, you just might forget that you’re right here in Arlington.