Have You Tried the Squaffins at Eclairons in Arlington?

After the stress of 2020, we could all use a sweet treat. And, if you left your baking efforts behind with last spring’s sourdough endeavors, you don’t need to miss out on something delicious⁠—all you need is a visit to Eclairons

Start your day with your choice of croissant or squaffin (a square muffin!), in a variety of flavors, quiche, or breakfast sandwich. Or stop by at lunchtime for a wrap, panini, or another sandwich. But, if you’re looking for that all-important sweet treat, you needn’t look any further than their eye-catching macarons. 

Fruity raspberry or lemon cookies can trick you into thinking you’ve got a healthier dessert on your hands, while the chocolate or vanilla options will make for a classic treat. Looking for still more variety? Bite into a coffee or pistachio macaron for another colorful, tasty sweet. Your biggest challenge, besides choosing your cookie of choice, will be deciding between keeping the beautiful sweets pristine and biting into your well-deserved treat. 

Whatever you choose, wash it down with your preferred coffee, tea, or cocoa. be it a latte, espresso, or iced drink. Each sip⁠—and every bite⁠—will bring you one step closer to happier times.